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  • VitalFit Powers Generative AI Win

    VitalFit Powers Winning Generative AI Solution for 3D Product Creation The 2023 IEEE/3DRC Grand Challenge results were announced last month, with the timely theme of “Generative AI for 3D Product Creation”. The winning academic entry was groundbreaking research at the University of British Columbia (Vital Mechanics is a spinoff from this group). Their solution, “Goal-oriented…

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  • Garment Transfers

    New Enterprise Feature: Garment Placement Transfers! Automatically transfer a garment from one avatar to another in the VitalFit App without resubmitting garments.Easily compare how your garment fits different body sizes and types, with a few mouse clicks. Step 1: Select “Transfer to Other Avatar” Step 2: Select the “Avatar” you would like to transfer the…

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  • Bust Shape & Body Size Variety

    Different Bust Shapes and Volumes Your customers’ bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Now VMR offers a range of different bust shapes and volumes for fit testing! New shapes include swooped and rounded busts. 34C Bralette on Standard ASTM Size 8: 08BS, 08B, & 08BR Different Body Sizes VMR offers a full range of…

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  • Male Avatars

    VitalFit Now Offers Male Avatars! Run Fits using a Standard Male Avatar or an Intimates Male Avatar. Our Intimates Male Avatars are anatomically detailed. They are intended for designing intimate apparel, with realistic soft tissue movement. Our Standard Male Avatars are already wearing briefs. They can used for designing clothes on top of briefs. You can layer garments on all VitalFit avatars!…

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  • VitalFit Dynamics

    We are happy to announce a new VitalFit service. We can turn your VitalFit result into a simulation of soft tissue dynamics and return videos and statistics of support. Currently limited to breast support provided by bras. Contact us for details. Dynamic Fit Examples Sports Bra: Padless Underwire Bra: Bralette:

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  • Presentation at 3D Tech Fest 2023

    How can you use AI to make better clothes? Watch our talk to see recent developments and research projects at Vital Mechanics.

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