Soft Avatar presentation at PI Apparel 2020

Our CEO led a round table discussion at PI Apparel 2020 in New York on “Can Soft Avatars with Realistic Soft Tissue Properties Overcome the Inaccuracies of 3D’s Fit Prediction?”
The presentation described our research in collaboration with the University of British Columbia (UBC). The soft avatar project at UBC is a multi-year effort to capture not only the 3D shape of a human body but also its physical properties, including elasticity, soft tissue volume, and how the body responds to touch with garments and other objects. The project has measured more than 100 human participants, from diverse populations, and created the world’s first database of soft tissue properties. These tissue properties are used in finite element models of the human body and its interaction with garments. In parallel, UBC is also measuring physical properties of real garments, and realistic tissue movement during dynamic activities.