Our patented technologies enable accurate prediction of the human body’s response to clothing and other objects. The technology leverages decades of research breakthroughs in simulating physics, modeling soft tissues, and high-performance computing at the University of British Columbia. Accurate simulation with trust-worthy soft avatars finally unlocks the promise of virtual prototyping to reduce waste, reduce returns,  increase speed-to-market, and enable more inclusive designs.


VitalFit: testing fit with soft avatars

VitalFit is a breakthrough in virtual fit testing using high-fidelity soft avatars. It integrates easily into existing apparel workflows and 3D garment CAD software.

36D VSport with and without VitalFit

High-fidelity: VitalFit soft avatars are based on tissue measurements of more than a hundred human participants. Our data-driven garment models capture the non-linearity and anisotropy of fabric physics and garment construction. Advanced finite element methods are used to simulate soft tissues with contact and friction. We model a large range of body types, to promote inclusivity.

Ease of Use: Our scalable cloud architecture offloads compute-intensive fit simulations to our servers so there is no need for an additional investment in computers. 3D fit tests can be run at different stages of the product lifecycle, and results accessed securely, from any Internet browser, by authenticated users. This facilitates communication within a team working remotely, and collaboration between retailers, brands, and vendors.

VitalFit is available now for our early access partners. Contact us .

Customized Solutions

Our technology can be used for design and virtual testing of other products that interact with the human body, ranging from wearable devices, personal protective equipment, and automotive cockpits. We work closely with customers in different industries to build customized solutions to develop superior products and reduce time to market. Tell us about your application.


Soft Avatar presentation at PI Apparel 2020

Our CEO led a round table discussion at PI Apparel 2020 in New York on “Can Soft Avatars with Realistic Soft Tissue Properties Overcome the Inaccuracies of 3D’s Fit Prediction?”The presentation described our research in collaboration with the University of British Columbia (UBC). The soft avatar project at UBC is a multi-year effort to capture …

Vital Fit

Vital Mechanics has developed revolutionary virtual fit testing software for close-to-body garments (e.g., athletic apparel, intimates, swimsuits).  We will be at PI Apparel in New York in June 2019 with an update on the latest developments. Hope to see you there!


We are hiring!

We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. If you are interested in bringing revolutionary human body simulation technology to market, contact us with your résumé.

(1) Full stack software developer

This is a Work Placement (Digital Skills For Youth program, 4-6 months), with the potential to convert to a permanent position.

Job Description:
Duties and responsibilities include:
(a) Implement product features which include both the frontend (React, JS) and backend (SQL, NonSQL, Flask API on Kubernetes, authentication, etc.).
(b) Design and implement parts of secure and scalable backend services that facilitate long running simulation tasks of the VitalFit SaaS product.
(c) Assist in architectural design of the VitalFit software and infrastructure.

Why VMR?

Developers at VMR take on greenfield projects, and dive deep into technically challenging problems. Their work directly contributes to the main product, and makes tangible business impacts. If you like challenges, and like to contribute to a young system and business, VMR offers plenty of opportunities.

We are scientists, engineers, and developers working to push cutting edge technology for industry adoption. We relentlessly curate an environment where the best idea wins, and make sure our engineers’ voices are heard. We have a generous stock option plan and a flexible working environment.

Vital Mechanics Research is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other legally protected status.

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